competence in business law
  Michael Sack LLP Wirtschaftsjuristen
We offer several courses with Certificate for distance learning in german and english language.

♦ introducion german civil law

♦ Trade law for Managers

♦ Mediation in business

♦ Mediation in labour contracts and law

♦ claim management in building contracts

♦ courses in economy 

    →the supplier contract oversea
    →Management of ware storing
    →Management of Organisation of personal 

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Accounting courses:

♦ accounting according international standards for starters

♦ controlling 

♦ balance sheets for starters and andvances

All courses are by distance learning with a regular study time between 6 and 16 month.

For further informations please e-mail us at:

Why study with us:

Michael Sack LLP presents study quality on highest standard, according the latest court decisions, EU-guidlines and orders.
The programes are practical aproved and practical used.
-The courses have a minimum of uninterested subjects, we just keep the important.
- Our courses are cheap and have a subject of practise
- our courses are available all over the world, with an international standard
- the courses are leaded from ecperiened lectures of german and int. colleges and universities


damage management of construction contracts

17.11.2016  Berlin
18.11.2016  Düsseldorf

business mediation - conflicts of construction contracts

01.12.2016 Bonn
02.12.2016 Collogne

The english law system-limitation of actions of the common law

04.09.2016 Bayreuth
05.10.2016 Nuremberg
07.12.2016 Munich

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