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Projects are complex Undertakings that are based on a design and have a result at the end. The project plan is irrefutable part of a project, a deviation of it is very difficult to correct. That is why it is important using specialists for a project. Our All-in-One Software guarantees you not only  fast and easy overview about all economic datas, it includes also a lot of important informations about the contract law that might to take an affect.

More than 70% of projects out of the budget within the first weeks.

The most common sources of error in the latest survey *:

⇒ 60% exceeded the project budget by more than 10%
⇒ 75% of all projects exceed the time schedule by more than 10% **

The reasons for this:

⇒ result in 36.8% of cases a lack of communication
⇒ 35.5% of cases due to lack of project planning

► You should talk to us before you make a project.

Our expertise guarantees a best performance of you project cause of:

⇒ Targeted Communications
⇒ efficient project
⇒-actual comparison should be settled
⇒ constant updates to the client
⇒ Consideration of possible risks, even at the costing and budgeting
⇒ due regard to legal factors influencing the pricing and execution
⇒ careful planning, taking account of operational influences on the project
⇒ Accurate illumination of the contracts and thus minimize possible disadvantages

And you should already have a''procedural''project, then we are quite prepared to seek alternative solutions

The way to the end of a project is not straight and clear at all. Sometimes is need to cross a bridge.

We are your competence for those situations.

*   PMO Maturity Study 2009
** based on the participating companies


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