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  Michael Sack LLP Wirtschaftsjuristen

Michael Sack LLP publishes its first book (Part II) of the english legal system
available at all bookstores


Michael Sack LLP i.e. published its legal lecture to international sanction law in Germany

 ♦ political change in Kirgisistan?
→ Make your business now
- contract issuing in national language
- family member serach right now
- market for investments

♦lost of requirements for work in EU of Bulgarian and Romanian 
→how to hire bulgarian and romanian workers and sub contractors
- contract issuing for employment and subcontracting
- will that freedom make a less hour price on the market?
- make arrangements now

♦Financial needs of Greece probably higher than previously known
→more government bonds due 2015
→potential losses of investors invested
→Coverage possible, we advise you
→Assistance agreements with respect to Greek law

♦ 04.30.2010
Oil disaster off the U.S. coast by the sinking of a BP oil platform
→ many private lives not only affected
→ destruction of many lives of fishermen and tourism
► concerned may have with us a report, create the chances of success. On request enforcement of the damage at the adhesive / n companies and polluters / n this disaster

♦New assessment rules for ships according new EU-Regulation starting 2011.
Affects and consequencies for owners, creditors and mortgage firms. Let consult yourself.

♦Invest in german firms with a performance of 5-7% p.m.
Consulting here!


Decision of the EFTA Surveillance Authority in the field of state aid for environmental protection.
Special offers for the planning and implementation of its environmental projects, get advice now!!

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