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As your partner for property management listed under the TOPs
Legal and Corporateship solutions
Risk management solutions

Project management
Conflict management -------here our London Office acts at
international arbitration court:

- Zurich
- Paris
- Moscow
- Singapore

There are many reasons using those courts. Some of them:

- faster proceed
- cheaper
- comprehensible decisions
- working language

A contractual agreement is needed - 
                        check your contracts now!
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As experts we examine buildings and goods of their quality and defectness.
Any Problems with your buildings and goods

 your direct line via sms to +49(0)152 24543239   from GER, A, CH

                                           +359(0) 876 212 737  from other Europe

contact via Fax:  international +49(0) 911 30 844 775 -57

via E-Mail:

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