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news from the worlds global commercial lawyer firm 04/05/15 We could get knowledge that persons using the Name of Michael Sack and Details of Michael Sack LLP for fraud business. In that cases contact us at first. 10/10/2011 the Michael Sack LLP i.e. presents its first book about international sanction law 3/19/2011 daylong bombing of the state of Libya according UN resolution. We expect also civil victims. Therefore all concerned persons and affected survivors are advise getting in touch with us to hold their legal interests. The lawyer firm Michael sack LLP e.g.intends to initiate prosecution claims against the states involved representatives for breach of international human law standards. 05/06/2010 -now loan for the state greece As we wrote some days ago, we could see that the union and especialy germany will not wote against. The strong union member countries are going to be hurted in their financial household from that program. A lot of jusdical changes will start now for the greece people. 21st of May 2010 Money save meassury from the german government published by Friday the 14th of May. Save your cash proberty right now through money change and transfer into the indian economy.
Michael Sack am 01.05.2010 um 10:08 (UTC)
 ♦ 04.30.2010
Oil disaster off the U.S. coast by the sinking of a BP oil platform
→ many private lives not only affected
→ destruction of many lives of fishermen and tourism
► concerned may have with us a report, create the chances of success. On request enforcement of the damage at the adhesive / n companies and polluters / n this disaster




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