competence in business law
  Michael Sack LLP Wirtschaftsjuristen
⇒ Activities

♦ legal and corporateship

  • ♦ business & risk management 
  • ⇒ Here we cover the areas of small builders to large-scale

  • We advise and support mostly companies in their expansion into other European countries
  • we optimize the operational structures
  • we optimize the staffing structures
  • many stadardisated contracts available
  • Construction
  • ♦ Project Management

  • ⇒ Here we cover the following areas internationally
  • Implementation and monitoring of complex contracts in international trade
  • Projects of transport and energy
  • other service projects
  • ♦ conflict management
  • ⇒ mediation in all areas of law in particular
  • Building Contracts
  • Damages
  • Real estate contracts
  • Services

                          We are your competence for real estates worldwide


*no pure legal service which is restrictetd to legal professionals only

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